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Non-Profits and Social Services

from Bitner-Henry Insurance Agency

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Social service agencies are committed to serving and protecting the needy and disadvantaged in our society. It’s a social investment and in the best interest of all of us for your agency to succeed; it strengthens the fabric of society. We at Bitner Henry consider it our responsibility to help preserve your services by ensuring that you are properly protected.

Social Services Insurance There are a number of things we evaluate on your behalf when placing your coverage, because while premium increases are touch, uncovered claims are devastating:

  1. Do you have the correct Property limits? At a time of claim, the insurance company is going to verify if you were carrying enough property coverage, and could penalize you if your limits are too low.
  2. Do you have the correct liability coverage? You should have the following liability coverage: General Liability, Abuse and Molestation, Social Service Professional Liability, Directors and Officers Liability
  3. Are you covered for the correct time period? When dealing with vulnerable clients, claims made against your agency may not be made until years after the alleged incident. It’s important to consider what time period your policies will cover you, especially under sensitive coverage like your Professional Liability, Abuse and Molestation, and your Management Liability (Directors and Officers & Employment Practices).
  4. Is your Insurance Carrier familiar with insuring your type of agency? Your insurance contract is a “Promise to pay” under certain circumstances. If your insurance company doesn’t understand who they’re making a promise to, their promise may not be any good. It’s very important to know that your insurance company has experience handling claims for your type of agency.
  5. Is there a way for a risk management professional to help you? Carriers that specialize in social services are committed to helping your agency implement industry best practices in order to prevent compromising situations. They can help you develop safety procedures for hiring and firing, preventing situations of abuse, and proper safety procedures with vehicles. If a situation can be prevented, let’s prevent it.

If your agency does one of the following, please give us a call to discuss how we could help your agency:

  • Alternative education/schooling
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Camp Fire USA Councils
  • Child and family service organizations
  • Child welfare organizations
  • Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
  • Community programs & rec centers
  • Counseling services and hotlines
  • Food banks
  • Foster family agencies
  • Goodwill Industries/thrift stores
  • Grantmaking foundations
  • Group homes (adults and children)
  • Head Start programs
  • Healthcare clinics
  • Hearing/speech/occupational therapy
  • JCCs
  • Parenting education
  • Prison families' support
  • Reading programs
  • Residential care facilities (adults and children)
  • Scouts
  • Senior centers
  • Sheltered/handicapped workshops
  • Shelters
  • Substance abuse recovery facilities
  • United Way
  • Youth recreation programs

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