Cyber Liability

Protects your organization against the devastating damage of cyber attack, data breach, or cyber extortion.

How can this benefit your organization?

  • Pays for data breach costs including security fixes and identity theft protection for those who were affected.
  • Provides business interruption loss reimbursement.
  • Helps to recoup losses in the event of cyber extortion.
  • Covers the cost of forensic support and investigation following a cyber attack.
  • Helps organizations afford proper legal support following a cyber attack.
  • Provides coverage beyond a general liability policy.

Example of Claims Covered

Compromised Employee Information: An organization became aware that a number of its employees were being subject to tax fraud – tax refunds had already been secured in their names. Supported by their insurance company and external forensic teams, the organization confirmed their systems were secure and the cause was likely an external provider. The insurance company provided notification advice and credit monitoring services to the affected employees, with each receiving Experian’s credit protection product for one year.

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