Infestation Liability Coverage

Protects your school against financial damage and emotional injury claims resulting from the spread of certain parasites from your facility to a resident, or to another building or home.

How can this benefit you?

  • Parasites covered include bedbugs, lice, fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasitic insects that seek to feed on human blood or fluids.
  • Coverage provides funds to pay for removal of covered parasites from residents, former residents and their family members, and any other property owners whose buildings or homes were infested because parasites spread from your facility to theirs.

Example of Claims Covered

Lice Infestation: Students at an elementary school repeatedly came home with head lice, despite the school’s attempts to manage outbreaks. After multiple treatments couldn’t remove lice from one girl’s waist-length hair, it had to be cut off. The girl was traumatized by the ordeal, and the parents sued the school for emotional injury. Infestation Liability Coverage would pay damages ordered by the court.

Parasitic Transfer: Several Kindergartners develop welts and complained of itchiness on their necks, legs, and backs after quiet reading time, which was spent on a pile of floor pillows. Soon, their parents and siblings developed similar welts, even though they hadn’t been in the classroom. The culprit? Bed bugs. They had gotten into and infested several homes. Infestation Liability Coverage would provide up to $1,500 to remove the pests from each student’s home.

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