Crime – Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Crime insurance coverage was developed to deal with the fraudulent activities of employees. This coverage protects your organization in the event of employee dishonesty, regardless of the size of your organization.

How can this benefit your organization?

  • Provides insurance coverage for embezzlement, theft of clients’ property, misuse of funds, or the illegal transfer of funds, ensuring your finances are safe from internal criminal acts.
  • Provides reimbursement for computer fraud against your organization.
  • Protects against the theft of your goods that are in transit, and in the care of an employee.
  • Provides insurance coverage for forgery and alteration of checks.
  • Protects against the loss of money and securities by way of theft.

Example of Claims Covered

Misuse of company funds: The executive director of an organization decided to use the organization’s company credit card for his own personal use. The organization filed a claim for this incident, and it was covered under their Crime and Employee Dishonesty coverage.

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