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Reliable childcare is crucial to working parents and is beneficial in developing essential life skills in children. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment for children is key to operations and success. Understanding the risks associated with operating a childcare center is equally important. Our agency can guide you in managing those risks.

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Getting Started with Insurance for Childcare Programs

Property Protection

Maintaining your childcare facility’s building and equipment is crucial for the safety of the children and for peace of mind for parents. Our agency provides Property insurance for childcare facilities, and we are available to create a risk management plan specific to your needs.

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3 Children on playground with text 'You Protect Them. Who's Protecting You?'

Liability Protection

Caring for infants and children is a great responsibility that comes with unique risks. These risks can leave you legally liable and put a financial burden on your childcare organization. Liability insurance can provide you peace of mind so that you can focus on the children you care for, and your business.

Workers’ Compensation

In addition to caring for the children, it is important to protect your employees as well. We can provide you with Workers’ Compensation in the event one of your employees were to be injured while at work.

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Boy jumping on playground with text '200,000 children visit the ER each year for playground injuries. Do you have Accidental Medical Insurance?'

Accident Medical Coverage

At any sponsored activity, a participant or student may suffer a minor or even serious injury. By carrying accident medical protection, you show the person, their family, and the community that you care by helping them with their medical-related costs.

An injured person is less likely to bring suit against your organization because your policy has helped them with their medical expenses.

If a child is injured at my daycare center, who is responsible for the medical bills?

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