Each December, our agents from across the country come to Hagerstown, MD for a few days of training and our annual Christmas dinner. Last Thursday, our entire agency gathered together to reflect, give gifts, and eat delicious food together.

One of our Georgia agents, Ken Bird, was honored for his 17 years of service and received the Legacy Agent Award. We also took time to recognize staff members for their hard work and unique contributions they bring to our team. We are grateful for each member of our Bitner Henry family!


Bitner Henry Staff


Steve and Carol


Daryl and Abby


Saying Goodbye


Steve and Carol


Andrew and Tyler


Lee Marks





Robert Martin


Henry Family


Bitner Henry Employees


Andrew and Joe


Daryl and Mackenzie


Joel Henry and Ken Bird


Joel Henry


Ken Bird


Tom Barrett


Year End Training Seminar


Year End Training Seminar


Bruce Harriman


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