Water Damage Coverage

Water Damage Coverage by Brotherhood MutualĀ® provides funds to dry out, clean, repair, or replace property damaged by water. Water sources could include flooding and seepage from below the ground.

How can this benefit you?

  • Offers three coverage limits: $2,500; $5,000; $10,000.
  • Covers up to the policy limits you select:
    • Costs to remove water and dry out areas affected by water damage
    • Clean-up of mold, mildew, rot, or fungi that results from water damage
    • Repair or replacement of affected property items

Example of Claims Covered

Surface water: Your town just received a record level of rainfall. When you arrive at school, you see large puddles of water standing on the practice fields and playgrounds. Once inside, you learn that rainwater seeped under the gym door, flooding the gymnasium. Water Damage Coverage would provide money to dry out the area, replace damaged equipment, and repair the gym floor, up to the the limits you selected.

Underground Water Seepage: After heavy rain, a classroom smells like mildew, and water spots appear on the carpet. The school custodian pulls the carpet back to find a crack in the floor that allowed water to seep though. Water Damage Coverage can help pay the cleanup expenses, up to the policy limits.

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