Ministry Counseling Liability

Protect your church or ministry when someone makes a claim of bodily, emotional, or personal injury related to pastoral counseling or other counseling services.

How does it benefit my ministry?

  • Pays legal damages to someone who sustains physical, personal, or emotional injury related to a counseling session.
  • Partially reimburses the cost to hire an outside therapist to counsel people who allege that your ministry’s counseling caused emotional injury.

What does this coverage offer?

  • Covers bodily, personal, or emotional injury stemming from counseling provided by your pastor, trained lay counselor, your ministry leaders, employees, appointed persons, or volunteers.
  • Provides primary coverage for bodily, personal, or emotional injury stemming from incidental financial counseling undertaken as a normal part of your ministry.
  • Provides up to $5,000 to reimburse your ministry for some of the expense if you hire an outside therapist to provide counsel to someone who claims your initial counseling efforts led them to suffer emotional injury.

Example of Claims Covered

Breach of Confidence: A married woman tells a pastor during counseling that she has been unfaithful to her husband. The pastor shares this confidential information with her husband. As a result, the woman’s husband leaves her and files for divorce. The woman learns of this breach of confidence and sues the pastor for emotional injury.

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