Four Common Gaps In Church Insurance Coverage

International Travel (Mission Trips) Liability

Does your ministry send students or adult volunteers on overseas or domestic mission trips? We highly recommend purchasing liability insurance for these journeys. We offer coverage for domestic and foreign mission travelers through Brotherhood Mutuals’ Faith Ventures Travel Services. This can be purchased for as little as $30 per traveler and provides coverage for your students or volunteers if something would happen during their trip.

You will receive international health and medical, vehicle, emergency evacuations and kidnap/extortion coverages. These protections can also be extended to overseas schools, long-term missionaries or other foreign ministry operations.

How to Plan a Safe International Mission Trip
Mission Travel Safety Tips from our Insurance Partner, Brotherhood Mutual


Religious Freedom Protection

Does your ministry have concerns around societal issues that would expose you to negative publicity, governmental scrutiny, and litigation? Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not understand the unique issues and concerns of today’s churches and ministries. Most don’t provide coverage if churches are sued for emotional injury based on belief-based decisions

Bitner Henry has 40 years of experience serving Christian churches.  We offer Brotherhood Mutual’s Religious Freedom Protection Coverage which provides coverage for emotional injury claims that arise from your ministry’s:

  • Religious communication.
  • Religious activities.
  • Belief-based decisions.

Religious Freedom Resources from Brotherhood Mutual


Security Operations Liability Protection

Does your church have a safety team in place? If so, you should consider Security Operations Liability Protection. This insurance provides coverage extensions, as well as targeted liability insurance protection, relating to security incidents at your ministry. It protects any hired and volunteer emergency response personnel and volunteer security team members. You will also receive coverage for damage to or loss of security-related equipment and individual and family counseling benefit for team members.


Cyber Liability

Cybercrimes are on the rise. Does your ministry have coverage in case of a cyber-attack, data breach, or cyber extortion? Cyber Liability Insurance pays for data breach costs including security fixes and identity theft protection. It also helps to recoup losses in the event of cyber extortion and pays for investigation and legal support following a cyber-attack. Don’t ignore this important coverage for your church or ministry.


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