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Non-Owned & Hired Vehicle Insurance for Childcare Businesses

Provides liability protection when an employee occasionally drives his or her personally owned vehicle for company purposes. This type of coverage also provides protection for when you or an employee is driving a rented, hired, or borrowed vehicle.

How can this benefit your organization?

  • Provides excess coverage if an employee uses their own vehicle on your organization’s behalf.
  • Provides coverage if your organization rents or hires a vehicle.
  • Covers your organization if you or an employee is in an accident, and the organization is found liable.
  • Fills the gap between the employee’s personal auto insurance policy limit, and the cost of the damages.
  • Covers bodily injury and property damage caused by a vehicle you hire.
  • Pays legal costs

Example of Claims Covered

Accident in a personal vehicle: An employee that worked for an engineering firm was driving to a job site in her personal vehicle. An elderly woman rear ended the employee. The employee sustained a serious neck injury from the accident. The engineering firm’s non-owned and hired vehicle coverage paid for the medical treatment as well as damages for her injuries.

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