When renting a car, it’s not uncommon for rental car agencies to offer you the opportunity to purchase additional auto coverages. However, it’s essential to understand whether you actually need them or not.

Two common coverage types offered by rental car agencies are the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Liability Insurance.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

The Collision Damage Waiver relieves you of financial responsibility if your rental car is damaged or stolen. However, if you already have comprehensive and collision coverage on your own car, you may not need to purchase CDW from the rental car agency. It’s important to review your existing coverage before deciding whether to opt for CDW.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance provides excess liability coverage of up to 1 million for the time you rent a car. If you have adequate liability coverage on your own car, you may consider forgoing this additional insurance. It’s crucial to assess your current liability coverage before making a decision.

International Travel

If you plan to travel internationally, it’s essential to note that your US auto insurance will generally not cover you. It’s advisable to consult your insurance agent to find appropriate coverage ahead of your trip. They can help you navigate the complexities of international car rental coverages and ensure you are adequately protected.

Next time you rent a car, don’t let unexpected fees or inadequate coverage catch you off guard. Take the time to understand the different coverages available and evaluate whether you need additional auto coverages. Review your existing comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage to determine if you’re already protected. If you plan to travel internationally, consult your insurance agent to ensure you have the appropriate coverage.

At Bitner Henry Insurance, we prioritize your peace of mind. We specialize in helping individuals like you make informed decisions when it comes to car rental coverages. Contact us today and let us tailor a plan that provides the perfect protection for your adventure.

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