Worldwide Liability and Medical Extension

Expands the liability and medical coverages of a MinistryFirst® policy to anywhere your ministry's short-term mission teams may travel.

How does it benefity my ministry?

  • Defends your ministry and its mission travelers against lawsuits brought in foreign countries.
  • Helps your ministry manage kidnapping or extortion threats, both in the United States and abroad.
  • Expands your ministry’s MinistryFirst medical payments coverage to include travelers affected by epidemic disease, environmental conditions, or foreign terrorism.

Example of Claims Covered

A school group embarks on a short-term mission trip to Guatemala, where team members help with the construction of several homes. While there, one of the school’s volunteers makes a mistake while assisting with the wiring of a new home. The mistake causes a fire that totally destroys the house. The homeowner escapes but not before sustaining severe burns. The Guatemalan homeowner sues the school for the destruction of his home and the burns he sustained. The school must retain a Guatemalan attorney and a local investigation firm to defend the suit.

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