Wage Loss Reimbursement

If an employee is injured on school property or during a school activity cannot return to work right away, Wage Loss Reimbursement Coverage by Brotherhood Mutual® will help replace the income that person lost while recovering.

How can this benefit you?

  • Pays part of an injured person’s wages, up to $3,500 per person.
  • Fosters goodwill between your school and the injured person because this benefit is paid, regardless of fault.

Example of Claims Covered

Wage Loss Reimbursement Coverage would address all the following situations, up to the coverage limits:

Visitor Injury: A parent bringing in cupcakes misses a step when entering the school. She falls, breaking her wrist and dislocating her shoulder. As a result, she must take three weeks off work without pay.

Parking Lot Attack: A delivery person is attacked in the parking lot of a Christian school. She is severely injured and she misses two months of work, for which she is not paid.

Volunteers Hospitalized: During a school cleaning day, scaffolding collapses and two volunteers are hospitalized. They both miss work and make claims for wage loss.

Parent Wage Loss: A child falls from the bleachers in the school’s gymnasium, fracturing his leg in several places. His mother must take several weeks off work without pay to care for him.

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