Traumatic Incident Response Coverage

Pays up to $1 million in combined expenses related to a traumatic incident that happens on school property or during a school activity. You choose a coverage limit that is right for your school.

How can this benefit your organization?

  • Covers counseling costs for students, staff, and others who witnessed the event.
  • Helps pay for pre-approved expenses, such as:
    • Renting a temporary facility
    • Having a professional counselor meet with students and staff
    • Hiring a public relations firm or lawyer to answer media or police questions

Example of Claims Covered

Counseling: The school decides to hire a Christian counseling firm to be on site for four-hour blocks of time each Saturday for six weeks following a traumatic incident. Anyone in the school who witnessed the event is invited to make appointments with counselors during these blocks of time at no cost to those who participate. The school then hires the same counseling firm to come back for two Saturdays near the first anniversary of the event. The cost to hire the counseling firm is covered, subject to the additional expense limit and the per-incident limit.

Security: After an incident, the perpetrator escapes. The school decides to hire a security firm to provide increased security during all school activities until the perpetrator is captured. The cost to hire additional security would be reimbursed for up to 60 days.

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