Sexual Acts Liability

Protect your church or ministry when someone makes a claim of sexual misconduct against your organization.

How does it benefit my ministry?

  • Pays damages that the church or ministry incurs as a result of a ministry leader’s or worker’s sexual misconduct.
  • Helps you pay legal expenses to defend an innocent ministry worker against allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Protects you if you fail to properly supervise a convicted sexual offender while they are on your premises.

This optional coverage applies to the situations involving:

  • Alleged damages resulting from reporting of child abuse to law enforcement authorities (i.e. a defamation of character
  • Claims of alleged sexual harassment.
  • Failure to supervise or monitor a convicted sexual offender

*Does not cover individuals who engage in sexual misconduct, nor does this apply if a known perpetrator is appointed to a position within your organization.

What does this coverage offer?

  • Provides the ministry with coverage for bodily, personal, or emotional injury caused by the sexual misconduct of a ministry leader or worker.
  • Pays a specific amount of the cost for an outside counselor for a victim of sexual misconduct.
  • Covers losses resulting from improper supervision or monitoring of a convicted sexual offender on your premises, attending your services, or involved in your ministry’s activities.
  • Covers legal expenses to defend an innocent ministry leader or worker from allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Pays medical expenses for bodily injury caused by the sexual misconduct of ministry leaders or workers.

Example of Claims Covered

Teen Molested: A teen tells her youth minister that a relative has molested her on several occasions, but asks him not to tell anyone. After the relative is charged with the crimes, the teen’s parents discover that she told the youth minister about the abuse. They sue him and the church for bodily and emotional injury caused by molestation that occurred after the youth minister had been told of the abuse and did not report it.

Improper Supervision: A church board knows that a regular attender has been convicted of sexual offense. They appoint several people to monitor him while on church property and at church functions. The offender signs up for a Sunday school outing, but monitors are not aware. During the outing, the offender sexually assaults a volunteer who makes a claim against the church alleging improper supervision of the convicted sexual offender.

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