Security Operations Liability

Provides several key coverage extensions, as well as targeted liability insurance protection, relating to security incidents at your ministry.

How does it benefity my ministry?

  • Provide protection for your hired emergency response personnel.
  • Provides protection for your volunteer emergency response personnel and volunteer security team members.

Example of Claims Covered

Drawn Weapon: A student brings his father’s new gun to school to show his friends. As he is showing it to a small group of students, a school safety officer approaches, and the group of boys scatter. The officer sees a teen boy escaping with a gun in his hands. He orders the teen to drop his weapon, and aims his gun at him until the teen complies. The teen quickly drops the unloaded weapon and explains the situation. The officer escorts the teen to the school office for disciplinary action. Later, the teen’s parents sue the school and the safety officer for emotional injury.

Security Policy Enforcement: A parent regularly carries a handgun to school activities. The school board passes a security policy that only allows school safety officers to have firearms on school property. When the parent is seen on school property with a handgun, they are asked to remove the weapon from school grounds immediately. The parent reluctantly agrees, but sues the school for violating their “right to bear arms.”

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