MinistryWorks Payroll and Tax Filing Service®

MinistryWorks is a payroll service provider that helps Christian organizations by easing the administrative burden of payroll processing and payroll tax filing.

What services does MinistryWorks provide?

  • Management of tax withholdings and deductions
  • Preparation of employee paychecks
  • Full-service direct deposit
  • Timely tax return filing
  • W-2, Social Security, Medicare, and new hire reporting
  • Annual workers’ compensation audit assistance

How MinistryWorks Can Help

  1. We catch payroll errors
    When tax rules make you withhold wages one way for certain workers and another way for others, it’s easy to make mistakes. Our payroll specialists stay current with state and federal laws, so we help you avoid common errors that Christian ministries make, such as withholding too little or too much from employees’ paychecks.
  2. We free up staff time
    Managing payroll at a ministry can be challenging. Complicated payroll processes eat up staff time, and it can be tough to find dependable help, especially those who specialize in ministry accounting. We ease your administrative burden, so your staff can address other issues.
  3. We stabilize your payroll process
    When your ministry loses its accountant, you don’t have to worry about how staff will get paid until you can train someone new. Your MinistryWorks specialist helps ensure that your payroll stays consistent, even during staff turnover

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