Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Provides protection for equipment breakdowns resulting from pressure, vacuum, mechanical, or electrical failure.

How does this benefit your organization?

  • Replaces or repairs covered equipment or systems that suffer mechanical or electrical failure.
  • Replaces food and other perishable goods that spoil due to equipment failure.
  • Covers expenses necessary to recreate, replace, or restore data lost or corrupted due to an equipment crash.
  • Dries out water damage caused by a covered breakdown.

Example of Claims Covered

Spoilage Caused by a Power Surge: A power surge in the school kitchen causes a refrigerator to fail. When cafeteria workers begin preparing lunch on Monday, they discover that many food items are warm, possibly spoiled. Equipment Breakdown Coverage reimburses the school for replacing the discarded food, as well as for repairing or replacing the refrigerator.

Boiler Failure: The boiler that heats the school breaks down during a cold snap. The cold temperatures in the school cause the pipes to freeze and burst, and several rooms sustain water damage. Equipment breakdown coverage reimburses the school for repairing the boiler, cleaning up the water, and replacing water-damaged items.

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