Broadened Student Medical

Pays designated medical expenses for students injured during school related activities.

How can this benefit you?

  • Pays expenses regardless of fault, like general medical payments coverage.
  • Requires no deductible.
  • Covers both physical education programs and student sports.
  • Includes intramural and interscholastic sports programs.
  • Incorporates off-site recreational activities, such as roller skating, snow skiing, or ice skating.

Example of Claims Covered

Soccer Injury: A goalie on the school’s soccer team is hit in the face by the soccer ball during a penalty kick, breaking her nose. Broadened Student Medical Coverage will apply to this loss.

Broken Bones: As part of a rally organized by the school, a group of students participates in a bike race. Midway through the race, one of the participant’s tires is punctured, causing her to fall and break her arm. Broadened Student Medical Coverage will cover this situation.

Roller Rink Collision: A school sponsors a skate night at a local roller skating rink. During the event, two children from the school collide and are injured. Broadened Student Medical Coverage applies to the loss.

Coach Contact: A volunteer volleyball coaching assistant is knocked over when one of the student players dives for a ball. The assistant seeks medical attention for his injuries. Broadened Student Medical Coverage would apply to this situation.

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