In Washington County, MD, about 18% of children live in food-insecure households.

During Hunger Action Month, we decided to reach out to a local food bank and see how we could help. We called up the leadership at Trinity Lutheran Food Bank in Hagerstown, MD, and asked how we could assist them in their mission. The head volunteer, Jerry, shared how their operation is reliant on donations (monetary and physical) and how he wishes they could offer more “special” items outside of pantry staples, especially for celebrations like birthdays.

Cake mix, frosting and other birthday party essentials

He explained how he typically receives donations of canned and boxed goods donations or can purchase them at a low cost. However, it’s harder to find affordable options for cake mix and frosting.

Because we believe everyone should have cake on their birthday, Bitner Henry employees decided to purchase, assemble, and donate 25 Birthday Kit bags!

Each bag contained cake mix, frosting, cake pans, and other birthday party essentials. A kit will be shared with pantry guests who have a child’s birthday in their household in the coming months.

In addition to the 25 bags, Bitner Henry staff contributed $300 to help the church purchase food at a steep discount from the regional food bank. They can get roughly ten times more food per dollar at the food bank than we can get at the grocery store!

Trinity serves 300 families monthly through their food pantry and clothing closet. Due to inflation, reduction of SNAP benefits, and other Covid measures ending, both outreaches have seen an increase in participation over the past six months. Despite a small budget and an increasing number of guests, Jerry and his volunteers work hard to keep the food pantry stocked and help people as much as possible.

Thank you, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran, for all you do in our community. We are grateful for your partnership over the last 20 years.

If you wish to donate or learn more about Trinity Lutheran’s efforts, please visit their website



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