Here are 7 Common Toy Dangers to look out for.     (Printable PDF)

  • Sharp edges: Toys made of cheap or brittle plastic can break easily, which exposes sharp points and edges. Wooden, metal, and plastic toys sometimes have sharp edges due to poor construction.
  • Small parts: Tiny toys and toys with small, removable parts can be swallowed or become lodged in a child’s windpipe, ears, or nostrils. The squeakers in some squeeze toys can be removed and possibly swallowed. The seams of poorly constructed stuffed dolls or animals can break open and release small pellets that also can be swallowed or inhaled.
  • Loud noises: Some noise-making toys can reach noise levels that can damage hearing.
  • Sharp points: Broken toys can expose dangerous prongs and knife-sharp points. Even a teddy bear or stuffed toy can be assembled with wires that can cut or stab.
  • Propelled objects: Drones/RC Aircraft and other flying toys – can be turned into weapons and cause injury. Children should never be permitted to play with adult hobby or sporting equipment with sharp points. Arrows or darts used by children should have soft cork tips, rubber suction cups, or other protective tips to prevent injury.
  • Electric toys: Electric toys that are improperly constructed, wired, or used can shock or burn. Electric toys must meet mandatory requirements for maximum surface temperatures, electrical construction, and have prominent warning labels. Children should be taught to use electric toys cautiously and under adult supervision.
  • Wrong toy for the wrong age: Toys that may be safe for older children can be extremely dangerous in the hands of little ones.

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