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Commercial Liability

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Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability has three primary parts. Thinking through these three parts can help you understand the needs of your specific business. Each business is different and its best to discuss your specific needs with an insurance professional.

Premises Operations Liability – This is the liability coverage associated with the actual physical location where you do business. This can range from slips and falls on the premises to bodily injury caused by equipment used in the course of business on location.

Product and Completed Operations – Coverage from your actual “work” comes from this part of the policy. Manufacturers need this coverage for damage that may be caused by their product, and contractors need to be sure that this coverage is included for the work that they do for their clients.

Personal and Advertising Injury – As long as you are not “in the business of” advertising, this coverage applies to liability for the advertising that your business does in order to grow.

Specialized Professional Liability

Outside of the insurance world, the word professional makes us think of Doctors and Lawyers. However, the insurance world, you need professional liability if your business offers a professional service that can cause damage other than bodily injury or property damage. This includes Barbers and Beauticians, Printers and Veterinarians. Even a Day Care requires professional coverage.

The insurance world requires a professional to help navigate it. Contact a consultant today to help you make sure you have the proper coverage to match your business.

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Hagerstown Commercial Liability insurance

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