Church and Non-Profit Insurance Sales Consultant


Greater Baltimore Region




Sell and Service what you Believe In

Embracing the philosophy that we are here, “serving those who serve others,” Bitner Henry Insurance Group has a specialized focus on the insurance needs of churches and non-profits.  This is a unique insurance sales and servicing opportunity for someone with a passion for using their business skills to help protect the life and vitality of those who serve others.

 Why Choose Bitner Henry Insurance Group?

  • We work in a stable industry. Our agency has experienced no layoffs due to COVID-19.
  • Our agency provides extensive and personalized training to set you up for success.
  • The flexibility of working from home, combined with opportunities to meet customers in person! We utilize technology, including video conferences, to keep our team members engaged and to host virtual meeting with customers.
  • We serve those who serve others. Our staff is dedicated to helping ministries and non-profits manage risks so they can confidently contribute to their communities.

Desired Qualities

  • Culture fit – desires to serve the church and non-profits with business skills
  • Able to sell – prior successful sales experience, not necessarily in insurance
  • Competitive – likes to win, engaging, proactive, full of energy
  • Stewardship minded – appreciates the efficient use of resources
  • Smart – readily masters complex subjects and communicates them clearly
  • Resilient – overcomes adversity, not easily derailed by setbacks
  • Technologically skilled – effectively uses technology to complete tasks
  • Disciplined – does what needs to be done with little direct supervision
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – aware of self, others, and manages self
  • Geographically anchored – able to commit to working a specific region
  • Embraces learning – mentors without becoming defensive or prideful
  • Career minded – makes a long-term commitment to insurance as a profession



We appreciate the win-win aspects of running a good business.  We offer a generous base-plus commission and employer paid benefits.


Send your resume and cover letter to Darrin Coon, Human Resources Manager, at

About Bitner Henry

Now a fourth-generation family owned and operated insurance agency, Bitner Henry Insurance Group continues to successfully provide our neighbors, community, and businesses with tools to protect their commercial interests. The agency has spurred the creation of two additional agencies. All in, we are serving the insurance and risk management needs of nearly 6,000 churches and non-profits across a nine-state region.