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by Daryl Henry, CIC on Jul 09, 2015

My wife and I are building a new house. It’s got an open floor plan, more square footage. Most important, my wife sighs with relief when she stands near the location of her new island, and she inhales so sharp you’d think here lungs would explode when she sees the master bathroom installed. 

But, moving is stressful!!!

Everything has to get boxed up. Personal pictures come off the walls. Belongings go into storage. So many belongings go into storage you forget everything that is there. We’re going to be living in a hotel for a month. At least we’ll get free breakfast in the mornings.

For all of you that have done this, you know what I’m talking about. Here are a couple things to keep in mind as you’re moving for insurance purposes.

  1. Personal Property is covered worldwide. So it’s okay to have stuff in a storage unit.
  2. You do have to be concerned about what type of claims are covered for personal property. Theft is not automatically included and has to be added in. Make sure you have “special perils” for your personal property.
  3. The value of your home for insurance purposes is based on how much it costs to build. Not how much you paid for it. For example, a townhouse in Capitol Hill can sell for 3 times as much as an identical townhouse in Hagerstown. They both cost roughly the same amount to build. Your insurance policy is based the cost to rebuild. Replacement cost is based on square footage, style of your home, cost of labor, and cost of building materials.
  4. If you’re renting a truck to move, your auto insurance will only provide comprehensive and collision coverage on the moving truck if you have comprehensive and collisions coverage on your current vehicles.
  5. Companies give discounts if you quote in advance. Shop your insurance a month before you move.
  6. Companies give discounts if you insure both your home and auto with them.

If you’d like to talk to someone in more detail, give my agency a call. We’ll make the insurance easy. Otherwise, wish me luck in my move. I wish you luck when you’re looking for your dream house.

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